It's been nearly 7 months since I first got Tish drunk. Aparrently she was so diluted that she remembers having a pretty good time. I've been able to convince her that I've just been having rare off nights ever since. Anywho, here is what is different from a Tish visit today as opposed to back in May.
  1. Instead of greeting her at her car and helping her with her luggage when she arrives, I now yell from the bedroom window "Don't forget to bring in your toys!"
  2. Instead of her asking me what movie I want to watch then finding it and putting it in, she asks me what movie I want to watch then puts in the one she wanted to watch anyway.
  3. Instead of rolling over and saying "Sorry baby" when I wake her when she's snoring, she doesn't roll over and says "Deal with it!"
  4. Instead of saying "Let me brush my teeth first" before starting a smooch session, she says "Have you brushed your teeth even once since I was last here?"
  5. Instead of leaving a message on the fridge that says "Be naked and in my bed when I get home", I leave a message that says "Clean your hair out of my shower drain before I get home"
  6. Instead of catching the hint and cutting the conversation short when I turn the volume up on the TV, she simply increases the volume on her voice to match it.
  7. Instead of tearing off her clothes and tossing them haphazzardly around, I instruct her to fold them neatly on the chair 'cause I just cleaned up for Pete's sake!'
  8. Instead of saying "Hey sweety, let's hang out with Miguel tonight.", I say "Hey sweety, I'm hanging out with Miguel tonight."
  9. Instead of staying awake for 2 minutes afterward before falling asleep, I stay awake for 2 seconds afterward before falling asleep.
  10. Instead of being in love with her (-this much-), I'm in love with her (------ this much -----)