Aspen flew out with her brother to see their mom in her new living situation. She now resides with her new boyfriend. She has been out there since August more or less.
I called the other night to say hi to Aspen. She had some exciting news...
"Daddy guess what? I'm gonna have a baby sister!"
It was news that everyone was dreading but completely expecting.
This is her 4th pregnancy. All have been out of wedlock. She always claims to be on the pill but she always manages to get pregnant 'somehow'.
If she and her boyfriend (the presumed father) get married it will be her 5th marriage. the only reason she didn't have a child with husband #4 was because he had had a vasectomy long ago. She had urged him to get it undone as recent as 10 months ago.
Aspen of course is excited. She doesn't fully understand yet that her mother has permanently moved away. Ed does. And after this news has time to sink in on him he will be devastated. Their mother has said that she moved away for the kids benefit because she needs to get help with her mental issues and psychosis. While it's true that she should have moved away for those reasons, she really moved away because she found a new boyfriend who was willing to support her in the way she has grown accustomed.
Ed was willing to buy into her reasoning to some degree. His mother was sick and supposedly getting treatment, medication, counseling in order to get her head together so she could be a better mother to her children.
Well, now that argument for her leaving is straight out the window. Her priority is obviously to discard the children of her past and whatever steps she should be taking to improve her relationship with them and move on to starting a new family from scratch. This will soon be painfully clear to Ed. It will be clear to Aspen over time. Ed is who I am worried about at this time.
Nobody is surprised by this news at all. Except perhaps her new boyfriend. He was absolutely convinced that she had changed the ways of her past. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall when she broke the news to him.