In all sincerity, it was not my intention to give anyone a stroke. Nor was it my goal to simply mess with my dear readers' heads for the fun of it.
The reality is that when the minor incident of small cost and inconvenience occurred the other night I was bummed and stressed for a few hours over the impending cost and it's timing.
However, those 'negative' emotions departed soon after.
The nature of reality is something good to be pondered. The 'reality' in which you find yourself in any given moment is only 'good' or 'bad' when you compare it to a 'reality' that could be. Far too often everyone compares their reality to how it could be 'better'. The result being one's malcontent.
The reason for the post was not to 'trick' anyone, rather to demonstrate how 'unpleasant' circumstances can look pretty darned 'okay' if we focus on a potential reality that is far less 'desirable' than the current situation.
As I said at the top of the previous post...
"You are about to learn something interesting about the way the brain of Brico works."
And for Tracy and Tommy, if a disclaimer had been more prevelant than that, the post would not have been as effective in getting the intended point across.
And if all that didn't suffice as an explanation... 'yes' Aspen is just fine.

The custody hearing is on Monday. I will post again after the court renders it's decision.