Last night Tish and I spent a quiet evening on the couch reading from 'The If Book'. If you're not familiar with this, it is a book that has simple thought provoking questions that everyone in the room is asked to answer honestly after a few moments of introspection.
We did this for about an hour, and I'm sure Tish will soon post what it is she felt she learned about Brico but I am here to tell you what I learned about her from this little pow wow.
One question was "What would you steal, other than money, if you knew you would not get caught?" Tish responded that she wouldn't steal period. It's wrong and immoral. Okay, fair enough, impressive, scruples are important, good answer.
(My response if you're interested was 'diamonds')
Next question was "If you could put a secret video camera to record in any room anywhere, what room would you put it in?" While my response was 'The Oval Office', Tish's answer was "I wouldn't want to spy on anyone. I wouldn't want anyone spying on me. It's underhanded and unfair." Okay, I see where you're coming from, consistent with your last answer, very upstanding.
But then there was this question "If you could be invisible where would you go?" Again, my response had something to do with a bank vault, consistent right? Yep, that's me. Old reliable Brico. But Tish's answer confused me...
"I would follow my boyfriend to see if he was screwing around on me!"
So... spying on someone with a video camera is immoral but following them around while covered in an invisible cloak is okay?
Does anyone else follow this logic? Cause I'm lost...
...and afraid to go out now.