Aspen and I finished up the holiday shopping yesterday. Tish's stocking is still empty. That's 'cause everything I got her is too big to fit in a hanging sock.
I got rid of my computer desk which always took up a good sized corner in the living room. I brought in a new lounge chair and bookshelf to fill the space. A nice new sitting area in my pad now.
Aspen spent the evening yesterday wrapping her gifts for her brother, David, mom, and grand parents. Then she spent hours playing in the giant box that the chair came in. Is that too cliche or what?
She spends Friday night at David's then Saturday everyone (and that means me, Tish, Aspen, Ed, David, etc) go to Aspen's maternal grandparents place for a holiday party. Aspen's mom obviously won't be there. Sunday David has his whole family over to open gifts so Aspen will be over there till late. Monday morning of course is gift opening time at my place. Ed will stay over Sunday night for that. Then in the afternoon I take Ed and Aspen to the airport to fly to their mom's new place of residence. That will give me and Tish a whole week together since she apparently can take off as much time as she wants whenever she wants. By the end of that week one of us is going to be sore. I'm hoping it's her!
She and I are going to concerts on the 30th and 31st. Should be fun. Particularly if I can get her to pose for some more of those HNT pics where she's wearing nothing but peeled off beer labels.
Believe me, parts of her need lots of labels. That means a drunk Tish! Happy New Year to me!