Sorry Bug, but I could not survive in Atlanta. Any place that takes 1.5 hours to drive 7.5 miles is not going to see me around too much. And that was in the suburbs! The traffic heading toward the city was even more gridlocked!
Heres the story: Tish is a big Barenaked Ladies fan. They were playing in Atlanta and wanted me to go with her. I rearranged my days off, made other plans for Aspen, got the car an oil change and other essentials for a 4 hour drive. I wasn't thrilled to drive 4 hours, let alone into a metrolpolis but it was for my gf who does so much for me, plus I knew the BNL put on a good show so I was game.
Damn shame they weren't coming closer to Charlotte though.
So I get to the hotel ahead of Tish and notice they have a computer in the lobby. As I'm waiting I decide to check out my email. There is a notice from Ticket Master: "Don't miss The Barenaked Ladies" "What is this then?" I wonder? Tish had ordered the tix, how did they know I was seeing them in Atlanta tonight? I open it. Barenaked Ladies in Charlotte on December 17th. Tickets on sale tomorrow! "WTF!!! TISHHHHHH!!!!!!"
I sit steaming away on the couch in the lobby for her to finally get unlost and find the hotel. She arrives.
"Here!" I say "Let me show you something!" I lead her to the lobby computer and open my email.
"What's that say?" She reads it. "Well.... they must have just added that show. It wasn't on their schedule when I looked."
I stare at her coldly.
"We'll, now we get to see them twice!!" she says excitedly.
But I decided not to say anything more since she was paying for the entire weekend, including the movie. We saw Borat. I still loved it, she thought it was "not bad, but i didnt think it was worth all the hype".After the movie we had time to take a quick nap before the concert. The concert was "not bad, but i didnt think it was worth all the hype" (ha! take that!).
What made the show truly enjoyable was the group of 6 friends in front of us who paid $60 a ticket to go to a concert and then yell a 2 hour conversation to eachother over the sound of the music. I was flashing them angry trout looks all night to no avail, but during the encore they played a beautiful ballad and I had to struggle to hear the concert over these people's mindless yapping. I finally turned to Tish (who was aware of my agitated state) and yelled as lound as I could to her "Boy! This is a really good concert isn't it? I'm really enjoying listening to the show!" Two of the people stopped their shouting match with eachother long enough to look at me surprised and dumbfounded why someone would shout that out so loudly out of the blue.
They got my point.
After we got back to the hotel we tried to order pizza but every place was closed. Which confused me, if there are 2 million cars on the road at 11:30 pm in Atlanta, what restaurant are they coming back from? Cause I sure as hell coulnd't find one still open!

Bummed that we weren't going to eat, Tish wanted to go right to sleep. I was wide awake and watched some TV... and did some other stuff. The first pic here is of Tish as she fell asleep. The second pic is my trying out the blacklight feature on my camera an hour later when I was finally ready to go bed. She sure is a sound sleeper.
Thanks so much for a memorable weekend sweetheart. See you in 2 weeks!