So we're all excited that Tishy is planning on moving down to my area in a few short months. She has talked to Mortgage brokers, has already been preapproved, been looking up job posibilities in the region and even has a meeting with a real estate agent this Saturday to look at some lake front property.
Well, I'm hoping she'll look at some lake front property anyway. Are you there Santa? It's me, waterfront property-less Brico!!
Anyhoo, Tish (and I) are excitedly looking ahead to how our lives will be enhanced once she is in the neighborhood.
I guess it was in that looking ahead that this quote of hers from our phone conversation last night comes...
"My first night in the new place, you'll have to stay over so I'm not scared"

Hmmm, not even in town 24 hours and the leash will already be tightening snuggly!!
How soon till the muzzle comes out baby?