Yep, kinda cliche I know. In fact I'm surprised I didn't do the same thing last year. It's interesting to see what one has posted one year ago.
Before I begin, I want to direct your attention to a program that will be reairing on The History Channel, Desperate Crossing: The Untold Story of The Mayflower. I encourage everyone to look up the air times in your area and take time to watch this honest and no-holds-barred look at how the land now known as The U.S. was resettled by Europeans. You will learn something!
Okay, off the soapbox...
Ten Things I'm Thankful For

1- Fatherhood, and all that goes with it
2- Tish, and her friendship and acceptance. I don't know what she sees in me but I'm grateful she's dillusional enough to think she sees it!
3- My health, and another year of no doctor visits or prostate exams
4- My mother, and her help, patience and wisdom in difficult times
5- Miguel, cause a good drinking and hangout buddy that doesn't piss you off on a regular basis is hard to find
6- The Bill of Rights, and the fact that evil power hungry politicians and religious fanatics haven't yet found a way to totally abolish it despite their efforts
7- The 4 Noble Truths
8- Football, and a season where The Broncos defeat the Raiders twice. Ready to convert Dale?
9- MP3 Players. I mean comeon! How easy have these things made life?
10- Blog Friends, you know who you are. Thanks for your comments and support through the scenario. And if you know what I mean by 'the scenario' then you are who I am talking to. It's nice to know I'M not the one who is crazy or unreasonable.