1- Ed was named player of the year on his high school football team last week, the last game of the season. You can't imagine how vicariously I am living through him!

2- Ed, his friend Justin and I are off tonight to see Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakstan. Very niiiiice! I liiiiiike!

3- Aspen is staying over at her best friend's (I think she has 3) place tonight. That's a rare night off for me.

4- Aspen's mom and I have exchanged a few emails over the last 2 days. She wants to be able to take her daughter to the beach for Thanksgiving weekend. Ed said he would be willing to go, though he isn't thrilled to say the least. Since Ed is going I decided to allow it. Afterall, Aspen hasn't seen her in over a month.

5- Since betting Dale on The Bronco Raider game wouldn't have been a challenge this year I decided to place $20 on The Broncos against The Super Bowl champs Steelers tomorrow. Wish us luck.

6- Tish and I meet in Atlanta on Thursday to see The Bare Naked Ladies concert. I'm sure the Friday post will be very good!

7- Everyone have a good weekend!