Tish came down for the holiday weekend (if you read The Nut with any regularity you already knew that). Since Aspen's mother came to town for the week and was spending it with her daughter I had Tish and my place all to myself. So I planned accordingly. Amongst those 'plans' was my proposing to Tishy...
...that she move closer to 'here' because 'there' isn't giving us enough eachother time. She had mentioned several times that she liked this area and she was planning on moving out of her place in a few months anyway so considering a move to this region made sense not just in the 'romance' department but in a practicality way of thinking as well.
Or so I was able to convince her.
'But Brico' you say, 'Why is it her who moves closer to you? Why don't you pack up your sorry ass and move closer to her?'
Excellent question. Aspen. While her mother may have moved away, everything else that helps create a stable and familiar environment for her is here. Her grandparents, her friends and school, her girlscout troop, her brother and 'ex' stepfather, her room and her pets. All the staples that a healthy 8 year old girl needs in her life to help her adjust to a suddenly absent mother. Tish in her infinite understanding knew that if we were going to live in closer proximity that her life was easier and less dramatic to uproot and change.
So I made the proposal. And she said 'yes'. Yes that she saw enough promise in our relationship that moving her life 300 miles south east would be a worthwhile sacrifice.
Do you hear that?! She called me a worthwhile sacrifice!! Woo HOO!!
therefore, in a few months, providing I don't screw up in some catastrophic Michael Richards way, Tish, 2 dogs, 2 men and a truck will head east and settle around here where we can spend more than just the occasional weekend together.
And from there? Well, we'll see.
Now, if you happen to be someone who knows Tish personally or work with her (you know who you are) please note that this is not info to be shared with coworkers or her employer at this time. Thank you for your cooperation.
Oh btw, there was a fire in my place today!