1- Borat: Cultural Learnings of america to Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakstan
The movie is about 1 1/2 hours long. About an hour into it I had had too many good laughs to count. When I wasn't laughing I had an ear to ear grin non-stop. To say the movie was enjoyable would be an understatement.
Then came 'the scene'. I had read in a review that the movie contained a lot of nudity, thus the rating. I had wondered where was all this supposed nudity. Well, it's there! In about a 5-10 minute scene that left my sides in pain, my stomach inside out, one eye wide opened and the other shut as tight as could be. This is a scene that I would have paid $50 to see. A scene that I would have paid $100 to never have seen. A scene that surely left Johnny Knoxville saying "Damn! That dude is crazy!" There are times in your life when an image gets frozen in your brain and it's there for the rest of your days. Sometimes that's good. Sometimes it leads to therapy. I urge all therapists to NOT see this movie. Otherwise, our nation is screwed! What good are we as a society when all of us go to a shrink and say "Doc, I can't get that scene from Borat out of my head! Help me!" and the shrink's response is "Tell me about it! I still have nightmares myself!"
So, see this movie!!!! Unless you have your PHD in Psychology.

2- The Santa Clause III
Why oh why couldn't they have left this series alone after the second film? I'll be honest, I think The Santa Clause and its sequel are pretty decent films. There is a nice family message to be learned in both of those. With this one... the only thing I walked away having learned was that some idiot writer thinks its funny to have reindeer farting in a Christmas movie. Baby Jesus would be so proud.
I was hopeful. I keep wanting Martin Short (playing Jack Frost) to finally do another good movie (Inner Space and Three Amigos are great films thanks to him!). But this was certainly not it! I wondered up front why the head elf and the mom were played by different actors. Because the orriginal actors have a shred of self respect is why!!!!
Do not see this film if you're just wanting to see something to get you in the holiday spirit. You're more likely to feel the joy of the season by seeing Saw III!
The only reason you should see it is if your kid is hell bent on it. They may like it (Aspen did).
She didn't care for Saw III though. Funny that.