Tish left for home Sunday morning. She'll be back next weekend for Aspen's 8th birthday party celebration extravaganza.
Shortly after Tish left Aspen's mother brought her back to me. She has been with her mother since Tuesday after school. They stayed up in Charlotte at the house of a friend of her new current live in boyfriend. Her mother was only in town for a week. The 2 of them left back to Arizona where she has run to.
She told Aspen that she would be back in a few weeks. I presume this means for her birthday on the 8th (not to be confused with her party on the 3rd, a week earlier). It is Monday the 11th that the custody hearing finally goes down. If she is back in town for her daughter's birthday on the 8th, she will probably stay in town for the hearing. She won't answer me if she plans on fighting custody, visitation and/or the child support I seek, or for that matter if she'll even come to court or not period. So I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Does anyone else out there with kids get irked when parents don't RSVP to birthday invitations yet show up at the party like you should have known they were coming? There were 25 invites to Aspen's party and I have had 6 confirmations. If I get a small cake and 15 people show up... well, being polite and biting my tongue in situations like that is not my strong suit at all.
Tishy, your job is going to be holding me back from speaking my mind when that happens. Like I'm sure you hold your tongue half the time you're with me.