HO HO HO! (speaking of Tish...)

What did you do over the holiday weekend?
Well, aside from reminding Tish 6 times in a 48 hour period just what she would gain if she lived closer, on Friday I took down the fall decorations and put up the winter holiday decor.
This includes a mantel full of snow globes, stockings, nut crackers and scented candles, an eight foot holiday tree and all its trimmings, red and green colored towels, place settings, blankets & pillows, and oven mitts (yes, I have seasonal oven mitts... shut up!), wicker baskets of cinamon scented pot pouri, holiday music cd's, holiday classic dvd's, wreaths and bows for the doors, and 9 years of pictures of Aspen on Santa's lap all lined up in chronological order, along with all of Aspen's books and toys that only come out for the month of December.
I had the Christmas music by Bing Crosby, Perry Como, and all those others going on all day with College football on in the background and the aroma of T-day leftovers filling the place.

All the while, Tishy kept my couch and me warm for 4 straight days.
Now, if you'll excuse me, it seems she is claiming to already have fogotten what her incentive is for moving out here so I need to remind her... again.
Should I be concerned that she insists I wear the hat the whole time???