Despite Aspen's mom telling her she would do her best to be back out here before Halloween, there was no word from her. So we trudged on without her. No complaints there! Aspen met up with 2 of her friends and we went to a great neighborhood foir tricks or treats. She scored 240 pieces of candy, 7 plastic spider rings, a pencil and a little tub of play dough.
... A pencil???? As an official spokesman for the holiday I am thoroughly disgusted! Review the Trick or Treat Rule Book lady! Honestly, the day is not 'Trick or Back-to-School-Supplies'!

Let me extend the warmest possible thankyou's to half the frickin blog world for joining in on Tish's little idea for a b-day present for me.
If you missed it, these bloggy peeps came up with their very own top ten lists in honor of your truly. As I read each one of them, I felt a year younger. Thanks you guys!! And thanks to the lovely and considerate Tishy for organzing it.
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And to think I was pondering leaving the blog world. You guys set me straight for sure!

ps. I was ready to post a pic of Aspen out tricks or treating last night but blogger is f%#ed up again. Oh yeah, that's why I was thinking about quitting!