1- Tish and I meet in Atlanta on Thursday to see The Barenaked Ladies concert. It's funny, cause she's only gonna see 5 barenaked ladies that night while I plan on seeing 6. This will actually be the first time we've hooked up outside of my home so it will be weird for us to be in nuetral territoty... out of my comfort zone so to speak.

2- I'm tired of political tirades. I'm voting today but only on ballot issues. I have no confidence in any of the candidates in my area. They all come off as transparent ladder climbers seeking money, power and prestige. Not one of them convinces me that their primary interest is the public. And what really pisses me off is that the candidtaes make little effort in having their tens of thousands of little signs removed from every corner in the county. Can I get a 'hell yeah!'?

3- Saddam got the death penalty. Buddhists are anti death penalty, as am I, but I'm not loosing too much sleep over this one. I'd be willing to make an exception on our entire federal govt too (I'd even flip the switch!) if it meant we could start clean and get some term limits, the line item veto, as well as campaign and lobby reform bills passed for once.

4- Did anyone besides Melina see Borat yet? Come on people, it was the number 1 movie in The U.S. last weekend and even Miguel doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about. Can anyone testify for me please on the quality of this flick?
Here watch this...