The custody hearing is in early December. York county (where I live) doesn't host a permanent family court judge so a traveling one comes through about once a month.

I was informed that he was in town hearing some cases this week. Since they are open to the public I spent a few hours of my day off sitting in on a divorce/custody case over which he was presiding, just to get a feel for what lies ahead. And now I know it was worthwhile. It was a good refresher course in how to conduct yourself. I had forgotten just how much one is supposed to kiss the judge's ass every time you open your mouth. But he seems a level headed guy. Not a neo conservative overly traditionalist judge as I'm sure there are plenty of in the bible belt. Though to be quite honest, I am confident she doesn't stand a chance regardless of who the judge might be. But he is one I will feel more comfortable in front of.

I guess that's it on that subject...

I have to reschedule her b-day party which was going to be on December 2nd because I found out that that's the same day as a local parade in which her Brownie troop participates.

I bought the new Who album. Verdicts still out on that one. I never like a new album when I first get it. Ask me again in a few weeks.

Don't think I mentioned this before but the jeep was run into on the highway last week. Finally got the guy's adjuster to give me a claim number and paperwork. I was gonna just take the money since all he did was put a 9" tear in my rear bumper, but then I realized that I can't open the tailgate because of the damage, so I guess I gotta get it fixed now. Damn, that was gonna pay for the rest of Sea Weeder.