Aspen told me yesterday that a boy has been harassing her at recess for the last few months. Yesterday apparently, with his friends egging him on, he punched her on the right side of the face.
I wrote a note to her teacher advising her of the ongoing and unprovoked confrontations. I asked to be advised what actions were going to be taken to correct the boy's behavior.
I then told Aspen that she has every right to defend herself and that if he or any other boy hits or pushes or kicks her she needs to hit back... hard.
She smiled, pleased to know she had daddy's support and permission in taking care of this boy herself.
This morning, after having slept on it, I went into greater detail what she needed to do if the situation came up again.
I told her that if he comes up to her on the playground she needs to stand up in his face (she is 9" taller than him) and stare down at him coldly. To look at him like he just hurt 'Lambie' and 'Kittie'. To clench her fist tight and grit her teeth and to wait for him to touch her. Then if he does push or hit her to use every muscle in her arm and to hit him in the nose as hard as she possibly can, then hit him a second time even harder until he is crying or lying on the ground. Then to stand over him silently glaring at him until he leaves.
Aspen listened intently nodding in understanding. Then she asks...
"Is that what Buddha would do?"

A proud yet ashamed daddy took the only escape route he had
"Buddha never had to put up with a bully on the playground."