Aspen's mom came into town for the holidays... with Chris, the new boyfriend with whom she is shacking up in Arizona, the last in a string of affairs that resulted in the end of her 4th marriage, the current mealticket in her life.
They picked up Aspen to spend the day with her.
This morning as I took Aspen to school...
Aspen (excitedly): "Chris taught me how to make a bomb"
Me (confused): "Chris taught you how to make a what?" I wasn't sure whether I heard the word 'bomb' or 'bong' and I wasn't sure which word I was hoping to hear upon clarification.
Aspen: "A bomb"
Me: "Chris taught you how to make a bomb?"
Aspen: "Uh huh, a waterproof bomb."
Me: "And how do you do make a waterproof bomb?"
Aspen: "You take a ball and put a hole in it then you fill it with gunpowder then stick a string in it then put wax over the hole then cover the whole thing in clay and let it get hard. Then it can blow up in the water!"
Me: silence

Thanks for the courtroom 'ammunition' Chris