Not a very creative post title I know, but whadya want from me at a time like this?
I got a call from her school nurse Monday at noon saying she had a 102 fever.
Not liking the sound of that I hurried to pick her up.
By the time I got there her temp had skyrocketed to 102.9! That's .1 degrees shy of seeing things that aint there!
School nurse said there have been a number of cases of strept and the flu going around.
Taking care of a sick Aspen had in the past been mom's responsibility. But now that she is living in Arizona and soaking up the sun by the side of her new boyfriend's backyard pool it has become my job.
Not wanting to get her treatment wrong I took her straight to her family doctor. The receptionist said she would be able to fit her in but she had no idea how long that would be.
'Better than nothing' I thought, so we waited.
Aspen fell asleep on my lap inbetween coughing fits.
After 75! minutes I went back to the receptionist "Look, I'm not trying to be a problem. I know she doesn't have an appointment, but my 7 year old daughter is out here with a 103 (that's right! I exaggerated by .1 degrees. sue me!) temperature and has been waiting for over an hour..."
Before the receptionist could tell me to be patient and that they would get to me the nurse standing behind her, having heard me, says
"Wait, we have a sick child who's been waiting?"
"Yeah, but she doesn't have an appointment, and we have these scheduled kids we have to get to."
"Right but if there's a child with a high temp out there, give me her forms not one of our wellness appointments" she says as she flashes her an unfriendly look."
Minutes later I had a prescription to treat her strept throat and a plan of attack in writing for her fever.
She stayed home with me Tuesday reminding me every 4 hours just how godawful the grape flavored Tylenol and motrin taste.
Today she went back to school (24 hours of treatment before re-attending is the rule). Her fever is now 99.2 under medication.
Sadly, Tishy is now pretty sick herself. I can barely understand her on the phone inbetween all her coughing and wheezing. Please go visit her and remind her she is loved. It will do her spirits good.
And Tish, if you go the doctor (as I know you wont!) stay away from the doctor who has my receptionist! She won't let the doctor see you until your heart has stopped apparently.