Hmmm, Blogger is being a donut puncher again, so I can't post about Tish's weekend down here until it will let me upload pics.
In the meantime, on a funny note (and this one's for you Dawn) I got a beautiful call on my phone this morning. This is an exact transcript...
"Homer?" (female, in very demanding and bitchy southern voice)
"I'm sorry?"
"Homer?" (same voice and tone)
"Um, I think you have the wrong number" (I say politely)
"No I don't either!" (even bitchier and angrier voice)
I look in the car seat next to me then in the backseat to make sure I'm not traveling with someone named Homer that I was previously unaware of. But as I suspected, I am alone in my vehicle. Then I check out my phone to make sure it is mine and that it didn't somehow get switched with one belonging to a Homer (seriously, the reason it's the name of an idiotic cartoon character is because it fits! I guess birds of a feather call eachother, or try to anyway). Nope, that's my phone alright. Then I check the name on my drivers license just to make sure I'm not in some bad David Lynch movie (Mulholland Drive? Damnit that sucked! Anyone want to explain that ending to me?) Nope, right there on the license 'BricoTrout'.
"Who is it you are trying to reach?" ( a touch of testiness now in my voice)
"Well, there is no one here by that name! So I think you indeed have the wrong number!"
"Oh, okay then" she says sweetly as if it was an inncoent mistake.
Um? Was there a reason I was going to lie to you the first time about you having the wrong number?
Is this really any different than someone knocking on your door and asking for Murdock and you telling them that they have the wrong house and them saying "No I don't either!" ?
"Look genius, I been sitting here stroking it to the Nancy Grace show for the last 45 minutes. If there's someone else in here, I gaurantee they are in no mental condition to socialize right now."
Damnit! Some people piss me off!