After looking at this pic of me and Tishy from this weekend I guess it's safe to say that I can see our relationship going in many different directions (ha, I crack me up!). Actually, I had a lazy eye because she wouldn't allow any other part of me to be lazy all weekend (woo hoo! 2 for 2! I'm pitching better than Kenny Rogers with a jar full of pine tar! that one's for you Dan!)
No seriously, Tish and I had a great weekend. It's my birthday on the 31st and knowing she wouldn't be able to be here to celebrate she brought down a birthday gift basket. It was very cool indeed, it contained fleece socks (and seriously, one can never own too many pairs of fleece socks!), a few Kevin Smith dvds, a Tennessee t-shirt and other Volunteer periphenalia, a cool calendar and other neato stuff! She's a sweet chick. Look for more pics of her on The Nut in the future (especially if I can get the night vision lens and remote shutter switch I been wanting).
PS. my birthday basket also contained a pack of men's boxers. I'm not sure what kind of message that was meant to send.