As some of my more observant and regular readers may have noticed, about a month ago I took off that potentially cool and useful sidebar messenger gadget. No real person was ever utilizing it and it became simply a tool for the spammers to bombard The Nut with their consumerism filth.
After removing it from my template I hit the 'republish index' button rather than the 'republish entire blog' button. For those of you who don't know the difference, if you republish just the index, only the main current page is immediately updated. One's archive page remains unchanged.
So today I clicked a link on my left sidebar. Under the Rusty Photos pics I clicked on the Water and Web photo link. And what to my surprise did I see but an old page that still had an old Rusty Nut banner at the top and the now infamous message box still present on the sidebar! I rolled my eyes for a second and then realized that the spammers (or I should say 'the spammers' computers) were STILL leaving me messages non stop! This cracked me up. There were messages saying how informative my site was, messages thanking me for the helpful links, messages telling me that I've been added to their favorites list, and even old Tramadoldog was still leaving messages about how he hadn't gotten nothing done today and how he still feels useless.
I dunno, maybe I'm in a giddy mood because Tishy is coming down next weekend (finally!) but this really cracked me up. Here I had been ignoring them all this time and they never missed a beat.
Cyber life goes on.