For the last several months The Nut has taken a serious if not morose turn in it's posts. It used to be all about the bright side of life (do do, do do do do do do - any Python fans out there?) but I can't recall the last time I posted a Ten Things list, an Aspen Quote, a Be Their Voice segment, a Road of Rage entry, an I'm Smarter Than That Guy bit... hell, I can't even recall all the routine stuff I used to do here. I know there was more than that. Anyhoo, I look forward to getting back to that mindset.
Obviously the last few months have been stressful. With the hard part done, and the ex in hiding, now things here are pretty much just a waiting game. Though stress levels are slowly dropping they have taken a toll on my blog life, social life, and love life. I have posted about nothing else lately (and only every other day at best), I have hung out with Miguel only once in the last 6 weeks, and Tish is finding out that I have not the energy or dedication that she rightfully deserves to be given in a relationship.
So as I sit here today I am kind of relieved that there is no update to give on my scenario that most of you are now familiar with. I'm super relieved that there doesn't seem to be any updates to make over the next coming days. And I'm super duper relieved that there is an end date in site (December 11th)!
But all that leaves me sitting here thinking "What the hell entertaining do I have to post about?"
And I got nothing.
p.s. While I appreciate all yous guys supportive and confirming comments in all this, it was super cool to see Femi comment again! Hi doll!