Raise your hand if you have special song ringers that you paid that $1.99 for for your cell phone and assigned it to a particular number in your contact list.
I have Funk 49 (by The James Gang) for my work #; Ding Dong The witch is Dead (from Wizzard of Oz) for my ex; The Austin Powers Theme Song for my brittish born friend, Sean; U2's Beautiful Day for Miguel (cause we both like U2 and it's an uplifting melody); American Idiot (by Green Day) for Ed (cause we both like Green Day); and Another Postcard (by Barenaked Ladies) for my Tishy (cause whenever I think of her, she happens to be bare naked).
I got the idea for this subject from Doc's latest post. Oh, and my regular ringer is the Magnum PI theme song (cause that theme song kicks hawaiian ass!).
And you?