That's right, in my book this is the season to breath deep and enjoy living! There is no other season than October. The crispness in the air. The awesome colors in the foliage. College football on Saturdays, pro on Sundays. Baseball playoffs. Preseason hockey. This season simply kicks ass! Not to mention it's both my birthday month and an awesome holiday tops her off to lead us into the second best month of the year (and my favorite holiday - don't worry Doc, I 'celebrate' it in a proper mindset). On the first weekend of the month I anxiously get out the fall decor boxes and like a little child on x-mas open them up and strategically place the scented candles, the scarecrows, the pumpkins, the lights, those cheesy strings of plastic fall leaves, the colorful blankets and throw pillows, apsen's halloween movies and books, and of course my special boxers and fleece socks. Aspen and I already got her halloween costume. Due to The Little Mermaid (her favorite Disney movie) coming out on DVD she wanted to be Ariel. And every time we go to the grocery store she seeks out the biggest pumpkin and asks "Is it time yet?" (not a big fan of soggy jack-o-lantern goo, I don't get ours until mid october).I have no sweet tooth what so ever but I love the mini candies in the bright orange and gold colors so I stock up for the 3 trick or treaters that will bother showing up. Then I eat most of it within a few hours. And that cool multi colored Indian corn?! Um, I mean Native American corn... er, First Nationer maize? (is that right Doc?) How cool is that stuff???
Then their is the opening piano key notes of Vince Guaraldi's Peanut's Theme when you put in The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! THAT'S when you know the holiday season is near!
Does anyone know the opening lines in that 1966 classic and who said them?