Renee Terrell's 10 month old child was taken from her by the local Dept of Social Services after they found her neglectful of basic parental duties. When the 78 yr old female social worker arrived with her child for the weekly supervised visit, she and her ex con boyfriend beat the social worker to death then the two took the child in the deceased woman's van and went on the lamb. If there was ever a way to convince DSS and a judge that you are indeed a worthy parent it has to be by beating the DSS worker to death then fleeing in her vehicle. Yes, they certainly proved that they are indeed fit parents.
And just a side note... the woman was 78!!! Was it really neccessary to beat her to death to secure your kid? I mean, and I am not advocating such actions dear bloggy peeps, couldn't you have just taken her by the arm and locked her in a closet in order to make a safe getaway?