The last thing one would probably expect to see here is a compliment for our current commander and chief. But that's exactly what I have come to do today. Now I will adimantly disagree with Bush on nearly every economic policy, environmental policy, foreign policy, and social view that he has. I believe he has sold himself and the office out to special interests and business associates moreso than anyone prior in that office. I find him under informed and ill equipped to make the types of decisions needed to be made by someone who wields his power. He is clearly uncouthe and plain old dimwitted when it comes to presenting himself as a world leader. He has made decisions that have damaged our economy and security for decades to come.
However, he made an unpopular stance to refuse to allow North Korea to blackmail us into one on one discussions regarding their seeking nuclear weapons. For months he has been the point of bi and even non-partisan politically criticism for not sitting down with the North Koreans. Instead, Bush has repeatedly said that we would sit down at the six party negotiation tables (along with Japan, China, Russia and South Korea). N. Korea adimantly refused. They sought to get us alone where they could bribe us into food and financial aid for agreeing to stop their illegal program. He knew, as did others with foresight, that this would not work. That N. Korea would simply take our assistance in one hand while planning to blackmail us down the road in the same fashion when the time suited them.
Well, his standing firm payed off in this case. Today hina announced thatN. Korea has agreed to return to the six party table talks on their disarmament.
Good job W! We at The Nut give you credit where it's due.
Now hopefully you will pull your head out of your ass and do away with this 'activist court' routine that you shpeel every time a judge renders a decision on a social matter that you in your closed minded simplicity disagree with.