Tish came down for the weekend again (so obviously I'm pretty tired). Tish, Aspen and I went on the boat and Aspen spent about an hour on the tube. Much to my surprise, and to some other boaters watching, Aspen dared and managed to stand up on the tube at 15 miles per hour with no hands! She loved falling off and I eventually got tired of stopping and turning around for her so I had to tell her to not let go anymore. Tish and I had a blast watching her. Tish refused to go back in after I "tried to throw her off last time" so she just sat and watched.
This was the first time Aspen stayed the night while Tish stayed over as well. Since Aspen's mom is 'away' for who knows how long (or where for that matter) the 3 of us shared the evening together watching Lion King 1 1/2 (Tish loves Disney movies).
Then Aspen's mom called. Ooops, there should be a '!!!' after that sentence, sorry... Aspen's mom called!!! Now when a part time parent 'disapears' for 2 weeks and leaves 100% of the parental duties to the other parent with essentially no notice, one would think that when the absent parent finally calls to speak to her daughter that she would take a moment to explain a thing or two to the other parent. You know, basic stuff like "This is where I'm at" and "This is what I'm doing" and "This is when I'll be back" and "This is why I had to leave" and "I'm sorry for the inconvenience" and "Is there anything I can do in the meantime to help you out?" Instead, when Aspen's mother called, the extent of our conversation was "Hi, can I talk to Aspen please?" "Yep, shes right here". Then after about five minutes of Aspen asking her when she would be back several times and only getting "In a few days" as the vague and uncommitted response the call was over before I had the chance to step in and get whatever info I could.
So, who knows what lies ahead. I think this week should be rather uneventful until Friday, that's when she is losing her car. She is supposedly 'back' Friday. Of course, she hasn't been 'away' in the first place. She's just been hiding out with her new boyfriend in the city. But she doesn't want us to know that.
Have you ever known a person who you can't believe 90% of the time? A person whom the odds are that they are lying at any given time? I call that person 'Kaye'.