Those were Ed's words last night when he and his mother were talking on the phone from my place. She expressed her desires that Ed meet Chris (her new boyfriend) and how she hoped they would be able to have a positive relationship.
It floored me (in a way I guess, in another way nothing she does 'floors' me) that she would have the audacity to suggest such a thing while she is responsible for his 'dad' having to spend a night in jail a few days earlier.
She asked her sister to take legal custody of Ed temporarily. All indications say that she plans to move away soon and this is preparation work. Everyone knows this is her just ridding herself of her responsibilities but at the same time we realize that it would be in Ed's best interest. Her sister has not yet given a response. Ed says that he would rather I have custody of him (whomever has custody, Ed would still live with David). But I will not take that task on. I work full time and am not going to be legally repsonsible for a 16 year old by myself. One mess up on his part and I could lose Aspen to DSS. No thank you. That doesn't mean to say I don't love him or wouldn't do anything for him out of love... but I won't do that (thanks Meatloaf).
Anyway, I go to my lawyer Wednesday to spell out the specifics. Hopefully he'll have the paperwork drafted within a few days and (and here's where we knock on wood, keep our fingers crossed and keep on praying to the powers that be) then present it to her for signing/notarizing. If the ink hits paper then I take it from there and file it with the magistrate. From there, the judge's seal should be on it within a few weeks. But the big sigh of relief will come when it's signed.
I'll keep you posted. Unless something major or unexpected happens I'm going to drop this subject for the time being. I was tagged by Tish the other day and I need to get around to that. Can't piss off the g/f ya know!