It's too cliche to even talk about really...
The incompetent boss' son who comes in and implements all these changes in an effort to make things run smoother when in reality all it is is him redelegating work so everyone else has more to do and him having less to do.
"There! See how much more efficient everything is now?" he boasts as he relaxes in his easy chair. Meanwhile, everyone else is working overtime to take on the extra workload.
what makes this scene a bit more novelesque is that the boss' son (we'll call him 'Child of Chuck, Kirk or CoC,K for short) is absolutely psychotic.
I find it hard to believe that out of all the medications advertised on TV these days that there isn't a handful that could help CoC,K be a little more even keeled (that's right, when you own a boat you start using sailor metaphors!)
CoC,K is of the mindset that nobody else (other than his daddy of course) does any work around the place other than him. That everyone else is 100% incompetent, lazy, and uninterested in doing the job at hand. Of course, that's why the business has run smoothly for 14 years before he got here.
Last night, he and I came to blows.
We had a job that was on the books to be done yesterday. Unfortunately, the crew who was supposed to do it didn't. Why, exactly, I'm not sure (not the point). I immediately started making calls to remedy the situation. I called the crew foreman to ask what was up. I called the client to explain things to him. I called the boss to fill him in. I called other crew foremen to find anyone able and willing to take on a job at that late hour. Basically, I went beyond the descriptions of my job to make sure things worked out smoothly.
Unfortunately, it seems that waiting around for another crew to come meant that CoC,K would have to stay a few minutes later than closing time. And that wasn't acceptable to CoC,k at all!
Well, the grade A temper tantrum ensued. Complaints started flying about how he works six days a week and nobody else does what they're supposed to do. It was at the point when he complained angrily that "people don't show up until 11am or whenever they feel like it!" that I lost it.
Why? because he was referring to me. Did I show up at 11am? Yes, that very morning. Was I signed out like I was supposed to be? Yes. Why did I show up at 11am rather than 8am? Because I had scheduled appraisals and client meetings that morning, three of them. Kind of an essential part of my job.
So in the heat of the moment I leveled a big fat "Fuck you!" at the psycho boss' son. Followed up with a "I had 3 client meetings. Stop whining like a little girl* for once would you?!"
As you can guess, that wasn't appreciated too much. But I didn't give a shit. People who make a habit of complaining about others really get under my skin. Bitching and moaning and whining and hissy fitting and temper-tanturing and all around rant and raving have no business in my world (or the world to be quite frank!).
"Deal with what life gives you. Don't be a snivelling twit about every little thing in life." That's my creed. I think Lao Tzu said that.
Anyway, today I am sitting down with the two bosses today and giving CoC,K's dad a rundown of last night's events. He may not believe me word for word but he knows his son. And if enough of the rest of us start complaining about him, he'll have to do something eventually. Which, hopefully, will mean smooth sailing for the rest of us down the road.

*my apologies to all little girls out there. it's hard to remain politically correct in some scenarios. from here on out i'll use the phrase "stop whining like a little CoC,K!"