For those of you who have been around these parts for a while know that a client of mine earlier this year was the production company of Taledega Nights (The Ballad of Ricky Bobby).
Well, they're back. This time they're doing a movie about some 1940's little league team. One of those family feel good inspirational against all odds nonsense movies. As usual, I ask who the big names are in it. This time it's Andy Garcia, Cheech Marin, and some unknown actress named... Kate Hudson!!!

Now, anyone who knows me is well aware that Katie and I have a predestined future together. The fact that she and I will be working side by side on our latest project together immediately after the inevitable split with hubby Chris Robinsomething from that Blue Birds or whatever band should only serve as inarguable eveidence that our coupling is not simply theoretical. Even Tishy can't deny the forces that be after a certain point (but don't worry baby, you can still come down until further notice, mwah!).

Of course, I'll be keeping you all posted of how things are progressing on this front. You have all been so supportive of me in the past, I would ask for your prayers and wishes on this as well, but really, fate is in motion and it won't be neccessary. But thanks anyway.