Saturday afternoon I took a much needed few hours of relaxing time on the boat. Miguel and I set out with a full cooler to get some waterskiing done. Miguel is a serious skiier. I am not. Having seen how easily he dropped a ski and jumped waves with just one, I figured I had to try it. And success! In fact it was much easier than I had anticipated. In some ways it was easier than skiing on two. In fact, the hardest part seemed to be trying to locate the dropped ski when you were ready to pick it back up.

When it got too dark to ski and the beers were adding up I had the genius idea of taking my camera into the lake to take some shots from a rarely scene vantage point. Fortunately, we both can swim fine with one arm raised up high in the air.
Sadly, no shots of me on one ski. I guess steering, holding a beer and taking pictures is a bit much to ask of Miguel.