Who wants an update on the saga going on over here?
Got your popcorn? Cause this is good.
Now before this chapter and my attitude towards it ruffles any feathers or strikes a negative chord with any of you, keep in mind Aspen's mother is a habitual liar. She will make up any story if it suits her goals. And I, her son, her parents and her sister know that this is exactly what this is. So bear that in mind as you read on.
Today at 2:46 pm I got a call from Aspen's mother. She was in tears and really doing a super job at sounding scared and hurt and fretful. I mean her voice was trembling and everything. Seriously, a Golden Globe performance if I've ever seen one. She informs me that her ex had just assaulted her and the police had been called. She needed me to pick up Aspen tonight because she would most certainly be busy with police paperwork for the rest of the day.
I said 'okee dokee' and hung up. I felt pity for her ex. He is a great guy. Aspen loves him, ed loves him, her parents like him. Now I don't doubt that he shoved her or manhandled her to get her out of his house (she claims she was there to get some of her stuff). But this woman could make Ghandi himself blow a gasket and go medieval if he was alone with her for 10 minutes so I don't blame a regular joe for losing his cool.
I call Aspen's grandfather (her father) to let him know what has just transpired. His response is "Oh lord, here we go again. She's hitting crisis mode and it's attention grabbing time."
Not very sympathetic of a father is it? You see, he's been through this before. Whenever she is in dire straits she has some 'tragic event' happen to her that garnishes everyone's love and support and sympathy and detracts from her foolish behavior that up to that point had everyone down on her.
Except now at age 37 she's played that card too many times. Her father is disgusted, her mother, her sister, her son and me (of course I've been disgusted for years). This time her little claim of abuse has only fostered more resentment from everyone. This plan to reestablish herself in everyone's eyes as the victim in all this rather than the culprit is not fooling anyone.
I think how for the last years I had to sit silently by as all her family believed the lies she made up about me and why we split up and what my flaws were (I have none, ask Tish!). It is such sweet redemption in a way to know that I have been not only vindicated from the past but can play an active part in keeping her from doing the same old thing to the next guy.
But I digress...
She pressed charges and filed a restraining order against him which also encompasses Ed and Aspen! For 45 days! This is Ed's dad for all intense and purposes. This is where ed lives. Seeing that his mother has no place to live (she's been staying in the guest house of a friend about ten miles away for a few weeks) this move has kind of thrown a monkey wrench into the day to day life of an impressionable 16 yr old boy. Where the hell is he supposed to stay now? He can't go to his house, his room, his bed. I mean what the fuck kind of move was that? I'll tell you what, that move there just did more damage to her and Ed's relationship than she will ever be able to fix.

So much more has unfolded on this day (Friday) that I can't even begin to go into it in one post.
Please tune in tomorrow for the rest of this chapter. Consider the intermission to be what we writers call 'suspension of disbelief', cause the rest is so frickin unbelievable!