Aspen's mother and I sat down for a three hour talk on Sunday. The purpose of the pow wow was to see if common ground could be found in the custody situation with Aspen. I was adamant about where I stood. So any common ground to be found was going to be her bending, not me.
And that is what happened. As if she knew what lie ahead if she tried to contest in court my demands, she was agreeable to nearly the last detail.
It seems to be her intention to move to another state to be with her new boyfriend, but not with Aspen. And this move may be very soon. This week she will be giving over full custody of her son to her sister, in which case he will be allowed to remain staying with his stepfather. She says that she will have the restraining order on David protecting Ed and Aspen removed this week. She has not said yet whether or not she will testify against her ex in the upcoming trial of assault (they are no longer married so it can not qualify as domestic assault). If I had to bet I would say she won't.
Of course, all of this hasn't happened yet. And as I know full well with Aspen's mother, the weather changes like that! So this is all able to change in any given day's update.
Assuming that there are no more sticking points in the wording of our custody agreement, the worst is over and when the judge puts his stamp on the papers Aspen will be 100% legally safe and in my care.
For those of you who pray, keep 'em coming for just a few more days, they seem to be working. Particularly you Bug! You're tight with the big guy!
And a heartfelt thanks to absolutely every one of you who have leant me comments of support and courage through all of this. You are all fabulous! It really has helped knowing that there are strangers and friends out there who are in Aspen's corner. Thank you all!
And Tish, I hope to be seeing you real soon now!