"Daddy? When is mommy coming back?"

Aspen's mother was last seen Thursday August 24th. Our regular schedule of who had Aspen which days was interrupted because, according to her, a friend was coming into town to help her move her stuff out of her place (her now ex husband demanded she be out by that time - he gave her 25 days notice). Together, arrangements were made so Aspen would be looked after while she was busy moving and I was in Chicago.
Aspen's mom called her while she was at a friend's house Sunday to say 'hi' and to let her know she was 'going on vacation' for a few days.
Wednesday I got a message from her from an unlisted number saying she had to leave town for a few days.
Thursday I got another message from an unlisted number apologizing for her absence saying that she would be back next Friday (Sept 8th).
Where she has gone and what she is doing is anybody's guess. It is pretty well concluded that she is still in the city and hasn't gone anywhere. A call to her cell phone from a local area code was intercepted by her ex on Thursday morning saying 'Hi honey, I guess I'll catch you at home later'. Apparently the caller didn't realize her number had been transferred to an unused phone in her ex's possession where upon he could hear any messages being left for her.
It's hard to conclude anything other than that she is shacking up with another guy somewhere in the city at this point. That's okay, whatever doesn't kill her simply makes my case stronger. And she's leaving Aspen out of it which is all I ever wanted anyway.