CASE # 14276-2006

Aspen's mother headed back for Phoenix last Thursday to hang out with her new boyfriend and get her head together (see Bon Voyage a few posts below). She was supposed to be back on Monday. She called Saturday and Sunday to say hi to Aspen. It is now Thursday and no one has heard from her since.
On Friday the friend she had been staying with called her dad (Aspen's grandfather) and asked if he could come pick up her stuff. She wanted it out of her guest room. He picked it up and tried to drop it off at her only other friend's place but they refused to take it. I guess that means she's not welcome there either anymore.
On Monday the summons and complaint was registered at the clerk of court. The process server has her copies ready to be handed to her. I had been hoping to get them to her on Wednesday but that's hard to do when someone is 'missing'.
On Tuesday Aspen's teacher and I had a scheduled P/T conference. Her mother knew the date and time but managed to not show up. It was a great opportunity for me to have a little info session with her teacher and fill her in on the goings ons. She was sympathetic of Aspen's situation and judging by her expressions, a little surprised to learn that her mother may just be up and leaving town. On the upside, she had some really good things to say about her social, intellectual and behavioral qualities. I was a very proud father that morning... well, I'm a proud father every morning but anyway...
This morning Aspen was bothered to learn that her grandfather would be picking her up rather than her stepdad. We called him so she could say hi and tell him that she missed him.
There is a hearing on Monday to see if the restraining order can be lifted against Ed and Aspen on their stepdad (this is all pretty complicated... you following all this?). Aspen's mom has also filed a motion that she be given half the furniture since they are now divorced. According to the ex's lawyer, she doesn't have a leg to stand on since no such agreement was written into the divorce settlement. Hopefully the judge will allow the kids to see their stepdad again. Aspen misses him and Ed would like to be able to go home again. I will be at the hearing to attest that I have no fears for Aspen's safety if she is around him. All of her family will be there to support him too. She will not have an easy time in that court room facing everyone on his side. The only person who may be on her side is her new boyfriend. I hope he is there so he can hear someone else's version of what's been going on rather than just taking her word for gospel.
It will be interesting to see when anyone hears from her again. She may come into town Sunday with her boyfriend to be here for the hearing Monday morning. Or, she may have left for good. I don't know which I prefer. If she is here on that day, I will make sure to serve her the papers at that point. Then, I just wait for the court date to come. Once she is served, Aspen is bound to stay in the area until the hearing, so it will be a bit of relief to know that her mom would have to be breaking a law if she were to try to take her somewhere.