1- Steely Dan: Fairly boring if you ask me but a free ticket so I can't complain.

2- Bruce Hornsby: Not bad but not nearly as good as I remember his last show being. Maybe it was the real small formal venue that brought out the quiet, serene, melodic side in him. Aspen fell asleep about 3 songs into it. Hell, I nearly did too. THERE was $90 well spent!

3- The Solenoid: Replacing that small bit of hardware took about two hours. Then I find out that it was not quite the right replacement piece. There are three solenoids in the boat. Unbeknownst to me there are three different kinds of solenoids in the boat! I thought there were only 2 different kinds. Turns out I bought the replacement part for the solenoid that rests right next to the one that is bad, the one I couldn't get a decent picture of. I assumed that since they sat right next to eachother and looked identical that they were the same thing (and if any of you blog geeks try to be cute and ask in the coments "What do you get when you 'assume', Brico?" I swear to god I'll revoke your permanent free standing invite for a ride on The SeaWeeder without even thinking twice!). So after two hours of back breaking work I realize I have the wrong part. I am getting the correct one this afternoon so I can spend another two hours of back breaking work this evening. If it still doesn't work... I swear to god I'm putting her in the water in the morning without the intake plug in as I watch her sink to the bottom without even thinking twice!