Aspen's mother has been kicked out of her place (her ex husband #4's lakeside house, with whom she was living until last week even though they had been divorced for a few months).
She has no place to live (on her own that is) and will not be able to qualify for her own place.
She has no job (and hasn't held down a job for at least 3 years).
She has no car (the one she is currently driving will be taken back from her on the 10th of September when its insurance runs out).
She has no money saved (in fact she has destroyed the credit of at least 3 ex husbands in the last 12 years).
I, Aspen, her parents, her son, or anyone else we've talked to have not heard from her since Thursday night. She told Aspen she was taking a vacation (makes sense, better than looking for a job right?) before she 'vanished'.
Her cell phone (which her ex was paying for) has been cut off by him.

As I'm typing this I just got a voice mail message on my cell from a private # (I don't answer private #'s!).

It was her. She informs me that she has secured some temporary work out of town and I will have to watch Aspen the rest of the week. She doesn't know when she is going to be back but promises she will let me know as soon as she knows.
It is specualted that she was already out of town anyway and this is her way of being 'on vacation' for a few days more.
David (Aspen's mother's ex - who loves Aspen dearly) has offered to pick up Aspen from school on days that I work late.
I have legal consultation next week to secure what is obviously in Aspen's best interest. That ball will start rolling in just a few days.
A new day on the horizon.