Aspen and I worked together on the Sea Weeder after school last night (yes, school begins in early August here). Earlier in the day I picked up the proper solenoid at NAPA and even got .53 cents (too lazy to look for the cents sign) back in the exchange for the wrong solenoid I bought the day before.
With Aspen's help, in about 20 minutes I had the wrong one removed and the new one in place. So I turned the key and pushed the 'up' button on the motor trim (again, what makes the motor go up and down in and out of the water; kind of vital if one hopes to tow the boat on a trailor)... and nothin! No whirring sound, no vibration, nothin. And now the down trim button isn't working either! WTF!?!? The words that Aspen learned last night coming from daddy's mouth!
Then I take a close look at the wires under the dashboard. Hmmm, a red wire and a blue wire are laying open beside their connections.
"Thats odd" I says to myself, "Those shouldn't be like that."
I unhook the positive connection from the battery terminal and reconnect these loose wires, wires that sit right exactly in a little nook corner by my feet; the same nook corner where I tend to carelessly plop down my beer bottle when at the helm. Reconnecting the wires took about 20 seconds, not each, that's total reconnection time. Rehooking the positive terminal post on the battery took about 5 seconds. Turning the key and pushing the up button on the trim control took about 3 seconds. Hearing the trim motor whirring away like she did a week ago was instantanious.
"So what good came out of all this?" I asks myself.
Well... I have learned that having Aspen along seems to be good luck.
I now have two perfectly good back up solenoids for when the real ones do indeed eventually go bad.
I have learned that it's always a good idea to check wire connections before going and buying replacement engine parts.
I have learned that dropping my beer bottle in this particular convenient nook is probably not a good idea from here on out.
So all in all, I'm gonna spin it just like Joe Lieberman did earlier this week...
And the rest of you negative nancies out there can bite me!

* the picture above is of the two solenoids attached to the trim motor. the black one is the one that was needlessly replaced.