Brico is tired... nay, exhausted. Mentally, not so much physically (though Tish's weekend visits aint helping matters with that either!).
Brico should be writing another chapter in The Autumn Story but having to live through it every day is draining enough, trying to type out what he's living through simply adds to the stress.
He hopes to get in touch with a lawyer today and begin to finally put this matter behind him once and for all.
Brico is falling short on patience at the end of the day and is trying really hard to not take it out on Aspen. But he has slipped from time to time lately and his temper has spilt over into a loud voice. And that doesn't help matters any since Aspen needs to be fully aware that everything is safe and sound and normal and secure at daddy's house (because, thanks to a selfish and shortsighted mommy, her other house and family sure as hell no longer exists!)
So if you stop by The Nut and there isn't a new post or the posts aren't as humorous & uplifting, well... that's life sometmes.