There is a nice little memorial-slash-tribute dealy going on over at 2996. It's a rememberence of sorts to those who had their lives taken from them in the 9/11 attacks. See the link on my right sidebar there? If you care to, click on that or here and you can get assinged a victim's name. On September 11, 2006 you will post a nice little memorial to that person on your blog based on the research you conduct on their life. I got assigned David Tirado and quickly found some info on him, including a page where his friends and family (and fiance) left him notes saying goodbye. I gotta tell you, it was difficult and eye opening from the very first seconds.
This is an awesome way to harness our power as a blogging community and to show their families that they are not forgotten. The list of 'available' victims is dwindling quickly so if you're interested in being a part of the project you best hurry and sign up. Tish and Fyrchk have already signed up as well. It seems that alot of the bloggers who are signing up are based in Italy. While that is excellent that the world community is participating in this, what kind of statement will it make if U.S. participation is not the majority? Food for thought.