1- The Sea Weeder is running perfectly. Perfectly, that is, till I put her in the water again. Wish us luck this weekend.

2- Tish is coming in today for the night. Aspen is away at girlscout camp. I'm gonna need lots of Gatorade. Wish me luck this evening.

3- An 'Autumn' update should be coming soon. It probably won't be a good one. Wish her and her daddy luck next week.

4- The ransom note found in Jon Benet Ramsey's house was signed off as S.B.T.C. Police could never figure out what that meant. An old high school chum of John Mark Karr's (the confessed killer) has shown police an old year book that he had signed with the same letters which are now understood to mean 'so be the conquerer'. How many people have ever used those letters before? Coincidence of staggering proportions?

5- I'm boring lately, and for that I apologize. I'll try to get in trouble with Tish while she's here so you all have something interesting to read on my site and hers. Wish me luck with that.