1- Anyone else seen those lamo 'HeadOn' commercials? The 15 second spot that simply says "HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead" but it says that same thing 3 damn times in a row and thats all the ad says? Yeah, lets all shoot the guy who came up with that ad technique.

2- Everyone knows that when you have a few drinks in you that what comes out of your mouth is pretty unfiltered and in fact more honest than when you're sober right? Anyone care to explain that to Mel Gibson? He's trying to do damage control by saying that when he spouted off in his inebriated state the other day that "All the wars of the world have been caused by the jews!" isn't how he really feels. Anyone buying that?

3- By the time you read this Tish will be an auntie! Her brother had their first child on Wednesday (that is to say Tish's brother's wife is having Tish's brother's baby). Congrats ever'body. Hmmm, why does he look just like me??

4- It's hot as a mothrfuck!

5- Hot Damn! NFL season starts tomorrow!!

6- Oh, Tish comes into town today! (I probably shoulda mentioned that one before #5 huh? Oh well, she needs to get used to football taking precedent over everything else at some point. No use in frontin' yo!)

7- People who can not seem to park their vehicle within the white lines that are painted on the asphalt which indicate their alotted space really tick me off! It's not that difficult ladies!

That's all I got. Mom is still in town till. She and Aspen are having a grand old time.