"Now, if you two will excuse me, I'm going to go in my room and hide until you're both gone."
I have my mom meet very few of my significant others. Mainly because I'm neither a sadist nor a masochist (sorry Doc!). But I felt pretty safe that Tish would put up a good first impression. Tish is not full of herself or phony or plastic or over opinionated about crap she knows nothing about or pretentious or loud like the last significant other of mine she had to meet (my ex wife, Aspen's mom. Attention Aspen: by the time you read this you will be in your late 20's and will have figured all this out for yourself so I don't hesitate in saying it here).
Tish is friendly but not phony, she's knowledgeable and educated but not overly opinionated, she's real to the core, nothing phony about her that I have seen anyway, and she's better described as shy and modest more than 'pretentious'.
Anyway, the only reason I make this comparison is because these are the last two women my mom has met (at least the last two women that want anything to do with me that is). During the visit Aspen made it very clear that she is nuts about Tish (practically breaking into tears when it was time for Tish to go on Sunday night). The meeting was pretty uneventful. Mom, is hard to read and I'm not one to pry any further than asking "So, mom, she's pretty hot right? Did you see those sweater pillows?"
Mom agreed with my assessment and thought Tish "seemed nice".
Other than that the weekend went well. We saw Clerks II, went for a midnight walk around the lake, I broke out the 'L' word, we took The Sea Weeder on the water and we all played a game of Sorry (I won!). So all in all it was a nice weekend. Tish will be back down in two weeks when my chaperone has departed back to Colorado and we can continue with the REAL 'interview' process.