...Soon we'll be making another run.
The Love Boat, promises something for everyone!

Well folks, you all apparently headed my request and wished me luck for Tish's visit. The Sea Weeder had no problems whatsoever, I drank lots of Gatorade and the boat was 'christened' for the first time so to speak (thanks for the idea Red!). In fact I couldn't keep Tish's hands off me while we were on the water! The conversation at one point went something like this...
"Brico, you know what would be a great idea to do out here on the water?"
"Um, I think I know what you think would be a 'great idea' but I'm not sure I feel comfortable with that babe."
"Oh, come on! No one can see us out here! What are you afraid of?"
"For one, I'm afraid of that police boat that passed by a few minutes ago. For two, it's broad daylight and those houses over there are only 50 yards away!"
"But baaaaaabyyyyyy, I promise you'll enjoy it! I'll do that thing you like!"
"Hey! Put your clothes back on Tishy! Seriously, I have to man the helm here!"
"There's a helm right here that needs manning now don't be such a wuss! Seriously, you're making me wonder if these four hour drives on the weekends are worth the cost of gas!"
"Baby! Don't be like that! Okay, fine, where do you want me?"

The other fun part of the trip is when I convinced Tish to put on a life jacket and go tubing! Keep in mind that she can't swim so this was a big deal! I'm very proud of her courage! Sorry about turning sharply and throwing you off the tube babe! Oh, and not realizing I had thrown you off for another 45 seconds. My bad. You did great though doll! Love ya!

Hmmm, Blogger is being a cockdoctor again and not letting me post pics of our fun. I'll try again tomorrow. And hopefully next time Tish is out we can 'christen' the jet ski!