I have long had this little rule about relationships:
It is unacceptable to make plans with your significant other for a date that is further in the future than the relationship is old. In other words, you shall not make plans for an event six weeks from now if you've only been dating a month (4 weeks).
I mentioned my 'rule'/philosophy to Miguel yesterday while we were BSing out on the kayaks (damn that water was warm!) and he laughed. As it so happened, he has long had the same line of thinking on that matter.
The reason I brought it up to him is because earlier in the day yesterday I, for the first time that I can recall, broke my iron clad rule. I invited Tish to come down for Thanksgiving weekend. That is 16 weeks in the future! Tish and I have only been 'involved' for nine weeks! By my own governing hand I should have waited another 3.5 weeks to extend the invite! I'm starting to sweat profusely just thinking about it... or is that the heat?
I guess I felt comfortable breaking my relationship laws because I'm quite sure it's a safe bet that Tish and I will still be bumping uglies at that point. But then I realized that the reason I had applied this bill to law in the first place was because I had originally felt that to set dates in stone too early was not just a bad idea, it was a jinx on the relationship!
But it was too late. The invite was out there and had been accepted. The jinx is now set, it can't be undone. Only time will tell if I am rightfully precautious or just a class A supersticious dork.
Keep your fingers crossed for me. But only on the right hand!!!!