On Tuesday one of our worker drones who specializes in slacking off with some intermitant physical labor decided that it would be a fine idea to jump his 320 pound frame off of the dumpster after he was done stuffing it from the top. That's about a seven foot drop. Now I'm no physicist or nothing but I imagine if you weigh more 300 pounds and 250 of that is lard, it aint a real bright idea to do anything that puts undue pressure on your joints, like a seven foot drop for instance. I'm quite sure there is some formula that brainiacs know of where you can plug in one's weight and the height of the fall and it will tell you how much pressure is put on the joints upon impact. In this case I gotta believe the equation result would be something close to 'are-you-a-fucking-idiot-and-a-half?'
The guy's lower right leg snapped in two places. He rolled around on the ground in pain until someone managed to roll him into a car to take him to the 'I'm-an-idiot-can-you-see-me-right-away' doctor.
An of course, at the time I was in a client meeting and didn't get to see it!