Left Sunday morning, shared a futon with a drunk Miguel who for some reason was leaning over me at 3:45 in the am, waking me up with nothing much to say (first Tish does this now Miguel?). Went to a concert at an incredible amphitheatre on the shores of Lake Michigan with the city skyline behind the stage (pictures coming hopefully) then spent hours walking in the rain and sitting next to potential Jon Benet Ramsey murder suspects on an hour long subway ride.
Sure, sure, there are tales to tell of a drunken Pablo G. arguing with the taxi driver (and the rest of us) that 24 S. Morgan St is the same as 2403 S. Morgan St. Of us not being able to find a deep dish pizzeria open at midnight (in Chicago?!?!?!). Of Puerto Rican Rum having to be mailed to Pablo's house from Charlotte (for $75!) because Miguel didn't think of putting into his check on bag. Of planes being delayed. And of us getting lost walking in little Mexico. But I won't bore you with all that. Instead, I'm happy to be home (the reason I don't live in a big city and rarely visit them is because they are depressing as hell!) and to be in a place where I can begin work on the Autumn saga.
So instead, enjoy some pics

Pablo G., Brico, Pablo H. y Miguel... before the show

I'm all for bizarre forms of art but when it includes kids being spit on by giant robotic humanoid faces... i gotta draw the line!

Millenium Park (see 'giant robotic humanoid spitting face' above) is the most visited tourist site in the U.S. every year. I had no idea there was such an interest in enormous chromium bean shaped objects that reflect city skyscapes. Who knew? THAT'S 40 million dollars well spent!