Red (god bless her soul) tagged me. I never do tags. But I also never turn down a red head for anything, even if she's asking me to clean out her shower drain (especially if shes asking me to clean out her shower drain!). So I'm in a catch 22. Better to err on the side of doing what the red head wants than the sticking to your guns about not doing tags. So here we go...
5 weird things about me.

1- I am terrified of driving along a cliff road in a car yet I have NO qualms whatsoever of hanging by a thin rope tied to my harness from a 500 foot cliff wall.

2- I can make a funky very loud popping sound with my lips while suddenly expelling air from my lungs in a large burst of air (despite what you ladies might be thinking, apparently it isn't enjoyable in any circumstances).

3- I think its only inviting bad luck to believe in supersticions (think about it).

4- Viagra gives me a splitting headache (think about it).

5- I have memories of when I was two years old.

Seeings that I am anti tags, I will refrain from forcing this on anyone else. Take it if you want it.