Original Boat Purchase: $3,200.00

Registration Fees: $200.00

Rebuilt carburetor: $250.00

New Shifter Box & Cables: $730.00

New Belt & installation: $75.00

New Boat Battery W/ Proper Cold Crank Amps: $85

Plugs & Wires: $40.00

New Water Pump Installed: $200.00

Tube & Rope for Tubing Fun: $90.00

Water Skis & Rope: $350.00

Finally having a problem free starry night on the water with skis & brewskis: Same as the cost of a weeklong cruise in the Caribbean with complimentary wetbar and buffet!

Miguel and I took The Sea Weeder out for the first time just him and me (the owners) last night for 4 hours. We tried to convince ourselves that all the extra unforeseen investments and time having to wait for her to be in good running order only made this problem free voyage all the more enjoyable. I'm not sure if either of us bought that. I for one would be willing to have enjoyed it just a little less if it meant not having to incur all those above costs. And it wasn't totally problem free. When pulling her back in last night the motor wouldn't 'trim' (raise up so it could be towed without the prop grinding on the asphalt. So here we were, both of us having consumed a 6 pack, damn tired from sun and skiing and unable to go anywhere. It was 10:30 pm. My only hope was to call Jayson, the marine mechanic whose son's college fund I've now funded in full. And would you believe it? He was still at the shop. Of course he had downed a 6 pack as well by that time. So it's pitch black out, I'm stuck half in the water half out holding a flashlight in one hand, a screw driver in the other and a cell phone in the other trying to get a crash course in mechanics from a guy 5 miles away. Bottom line is miracle of miracles he talked me through a neat trick of touching the screwdriver to the proper celanoid post and a positive charged line to get it to raise on its own.

Oh yeah...
New Celanoid: ??? TBA